Pie Review: Cherry (22-cent variety), Tom’s Pancake House

Tom’s Pancake House in Beaverton, Oregon and Davidson’s Casual Dining in Tigard, Oregon are offering 22-cent Cherry Pie a la mode throughout February. This is a review of what is offered at Tom’s Pancake House – I’m reserving judgment on Davidson’s because they may use different recipes, although the two restaurants appear to have the same owner. And also because I’ve had the apple pie at Davidson’s, and it’s good.

Pie Profile: Cherry (22-cent variety), Tom’s Pancake House – Beaverton, OR

Presentation: Well, what do you expect for 22-cents? It’s a small portion, served not on a plate, but in a small bowl. I’m not sure if the bowl is used to limit the portion, or if it is out of necessity because the pie is such a runny mess.

Crust: This crust was swimming amidst an ocean of filling, so it was hard to judge. It didn’t seem to be terribly flakey. The outer edge wasn’t burnt, so I’ll give some credit there. However, the crust seemed a little soggy (no surprise) and mealy.

Filling: I’ve nicknamed this pie “Soupy Sales”. It almost seemed as if they dumped the can of cherries straight in and called it good. I know some cherry pie can be a bit runny, but this was too runny even by those standards.

Overall Score: One out of five slices. Don’t let this reflect too poorly on ole’ Tom, but this pie was worth about what it cost – 22 cents, and a lot of the value was in the ice cream. To be fair, the waitress tried to steer me away from it. It is what it is, a loss-leader, aimed at driving in additional business. It’s really not a terrible option if you happen to be eating there and want something sweet and cheap to finish off your meal. I just don’t recommend going in just for the cheap pie.

Other Notes: I hate to be harsh on an institution – because Tom’s is just that – it’s one of the oldest restaurants in Beaverton. I have a feeling other pies at this establishment are more fulfilling, so don’t let this review scare you away. I also happen to know that Tom’s Pancake House makes an awesome cinnamon roll. Check them out if you’re in the area: 12925 Southwest Canyon Road Beaverton, OR 97005-2105

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